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Cool Mom

'Cool Mom' by Lisa Luree


Cool Mom
22x14 inches
It is difficult to capture digitally - but this piece has warm golds and bronze, highlighted with purple iridescence. Please see the accompanying piece called “Big Papa”! This piece was painted on a repurposed cabinet door with Watercolor and Ink - embellished with holographic details that glimmer in bright light. READY TO HANG! Wire mounted on back! I use professional crushed gemstone watercolors, along with iridescent pigments. This gives each piece depth and character and adds extra dimension in different lighting conditions. This piece has been sprayed with a protective coating. I promise that you will be MUCH MORE SATISFIED with this piece in person! The iridescent and holographic elements don’t show up digitally but when you put this piece under light it GLOWS! Find Lisa Luree at Patreon, FB and IG! Warning: this painting depicts images of marijuana Mmj plants.
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