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Something Happened to my Bird

'Something Happened to my Bird ' by Lisa Luree


Something Happened to my Bird
9x12 inches
Skeletons are one of my favorite subjects- but these pieces tend to be sketched in my journal, planned out on a substrate and meticulously painted. There is less room for the subconscious to reveal itself (except in the branches of my trees where you might see all manner of symbols!), through these pieces - it’s all about you he energy. In between these pieces I LET MYSELF GO - Watercolor and Ink taking shapes and forms before my eyes. This piece is the latter - we call it a “get the poison out” piece because it’s simply a purge of energy. I used genuine gemstone watercolor and ink - no holographic elements on this piece. This piece is on 140lb Arches Watercolor paper, is unframed and ships to you flat USPS priority mail.
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