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Whats Happening With Lisa Luree Art

2015-11-21 03:12:57 UTC
And now - you can WEAR my art! Print All Over Me offers clothing and accessories created individually sporting images of my artwork!
2015-11-30 01:52:30 UTC
Prints are now available of most of my images! These are high quality metallic prints that come to you straight from a premiere printer. The following is pricing - 8x8 - 12.00 8x10 - 16.00 10x10 - 18.00 12x12 - 22.00 9x12 - 22.00 10x14 - 25.00 plus 3.00 shipping Larger sized pricing available on request. Please email Lisa directly if you are interested!
Please join us to celebrate the eye - I am pleased to be showing along with the most talented Zachary Reece! Opening reception is May 20 at 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Show runs May 18, 2016 - June 12, 2016 at Valkarie Gallery in Lakewood Colorado.
2016-07-13 03:59:40 UTC
Hello friends! My work is presently at several galleries: The Armory in Brighton Colorado - through August 30 Frame By Frame in Lowry through August 30 Natural Accents Gallery - Taos, NM And Valkarie Gallery, Lakewood CO
I LOVE AUCTIONS! Ebay was the first public forum where I shared my art. I had regular auctions that started at just ONE DOLLAR! Other artists have criticized this method of selling - but I DON'T CARE! Yes - I have hours invested in this piece. Yes - my time is worth something. No - you can't tell me how to sell my art! I SO enjoy getting a deal, and perhaps obtaining a piece of art that I couldn't otherwise afford, I'm moving with Karma. This is YOUR chance to WIN! I hope you will go to Instagram for details: And please SHARE!
2018-02-10 19:01:31 UTC
In 2016 I was invited to donate work to Artma by my dear friend Valerie Savarie (google her, she is a genius!). Valerie encouraged me to attend the event and WOW! I was SO glad we did! I look forward to attending the 2018 event this year!!
2019-04-19 14:58:27 UTC
I offer PRINTS of almost every painting displayed here on my site! Find me at FB and message me there and Find me at Etsy: